Friday, September 21, 2012

Foodie Friday: Landscape of Flavors Review

Landscape of flavors is located in the new Art of Animation resort. As you enter the food court, it seems to be like all the other value resort food courts but the theming gets deeper. There are rooms dedicated to each of the hotel features, Cars, Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo and the Lion King. Each room is decorated with lots of movie cells, pictures, paintings, the overhead lighting is awesome! Each huge lamp is done in the theme of the area . In the Lion King area, there is a general African feel with lots of red and brown hues, very calming. In the Nemo side, it was fun and perky feeling with bubbles and paintings of blue and teal hues adorning the area. The overall feel of each area was really true to its movie theme. 

 We stood in the court looking at each menu to decide what to eat for lunch. I couldn't decide, my mind wandered, as this was a new place after all. We explored each area. Just like the other value food courts, they had pizza and burgers, but to my amazement, this place has a more healthier fare of food!!! Perfect for someone on a diet, or watching what they eat, or even someone who is up for some palate adventures! The first thing that caught my eye was the make your own salad option. This thing was huge!!!! Next, I saw the make your own smoothies area. You don't actually get to make your own, but they will put in whatever you want. I noticed one thing on the menu, a turkey sandwich. This wasn't your everyday turkey sandwich, this thing was loaded with yummy goodness! It's called a buffalo style turkey sandwich and has real sliced turkey, not processed lunchmeat, blue cheese, arugala lettuce and buffalo sauce mayo. The sandwich came with house made chips as well. It was sooooo good!!! A tad spicy, but just good enough to make your palette dance. My hubby got the chicken burger. You can put anything you would like on it, so hubby got queso fresco and black bean relish on a brioche bun. My son got the pastrami cheeseburger. It was topped with pepper jack cheese, lettuce, tomato amd chipotle bbq sauce. He really enjoyed it. 

  Landscape of Flavors has 4 tandoori ovens to make the food taste even better! I enjoyed the healthier options offered. As for my younger kids, I was thankful for the pizza. They are extremelly picky eaters. If you have a super picker eater, lunch and dinner may be pizza every night for them, as this was the one drawback I personally found. 

 After eating, I went to scope around and see what else they had in the fridges. Along with all the sodas, there were beers from Africa, which was something different to see. They also had cupcakes from baby cakes that were are all vegan.
Also available were little packs of fruits, and desserts, perfect for sharing or bringing to the pool. All in all this food court was very pleasant. While we were eating our lunch,one of the chefs actually came to each table, introduced himself, and talked to us for a bit. We felt very at home and I can not wait to go back again to experience it all again!!

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