Friday, September 7, 2012

Foodie Friday: Anandapur Yak & Yeti Review

I know there is quite a concern among vegetarians on what to eat while at Disney besides the usual cheese pizza and veggie burgers. I was on a mission at our table service meals to find anything besides the normal substitutes, so that I could enjoy a variety of foods.
As my family and I wandered through Animal Kingdom, our bellies began to rumble when we stumbled upon Yak and Yeti. We were taken to the top floor and seated. Being summertime, you can bet that it was crowded. However, it was peaceful despite the chattering of park guests. The designs and positions of all the decorations were nearly perfect and the simple green walls were inviting and matched well with the earthy feel of Animal Kingdom. Our server took our orders and brought our drinks to us. One of the things I love about AK is the fact that they use paper straws. It always makes me happy to see a company who cares about the welfare of the animals, as well as our earth. I’d actually been excited about trying the straws! They were so simple and I’m surprised at how strongly they held up. I decided to order the vegetarian lo mein, which is a mix of carrots, noodles, cabbage, green onions, bean sprouts, and tofu. My parents are not vegetarian and decided to go for the Crispy Honey Chicken with chicken fried rice on the side. The crispy honey chicken consists of tempura chicken, broccoli, carrots and honey sauce.
This meal probably rounded out at #2 on my list of top meals for our trip. The noodles and sauce were delicious and while the tofu was a little undercooked for my usual taste, the sauce and flavor of the dish made up for the squishiness of the tofu. I am not a big fan of bean sprouts and so if I was to order it again, I’d ask for it to be without. My meal cost around $17 with the tofu added, but I ended up only eating half while at the restaurant and taking half with me back to the resort. It was a lot of food! The meal even tasted delicious when reheated. My parents said they enjoyed their meal, as well and we were impressed by how animated our waiter was. He continuously smiled and was always there to refill our drinks. We definitely plan to return to Yak and Yeti on our next trip!

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