Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Who's Who Wednesday: Contributer Kayla

   Howdy, folks! My name is Kayla, I'm a 19.5 year old college sophomore. I've loved Disney since I was born and my family and I have been to WDW 5 times. Despite living 1000+ miles from the magic, I'm a WDW pro and my head is filled to the brim with Disney knowledge. I am a digital media major and will be applying for the Fall 2013 Disney College Program as a Photopass Photographer. I hope that once I graduate college I'll pick up an internship with the company and eventually work for the mouse full time! My past time is photography and I always look forward to snapping photos of my favorite place! Another hobby of mine is running and I can't wait to run a Disney race someday.

   I am continuously reading books that pertain to Disney/Pixar and am always looking to learn something new. As a vegetarian I hope that some of my restaurant reviews will shed some light on the different food options available at the world. I love all the parks equally but my favorite rides are Carousel of Progress, Peoplemover, and Spaceship Earth. I have stayed at All Star Movies, Pop Century, and Caribbean Beach and obviously a massive Disney/Pixar film fan. I am excited to be able to write and talk to friends about our love for Disney and hope I can provide a youthful and fresh perspective!

You can also find me on my (mainly) Disney tumblr:

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