Monday, August 13, 2012

Sing Along Songs

When I was first preparing my young children for their first trips to Disney, I was trying to think of the best way to introduce them to as many characters as possible.  I was hoping that when we went to the parks they would have a better appreciation for the trip if they recognized some of the different characters.  I did not think that they were ready to see all of the movies at their young ages.  I wasn’t sure that they would be able to handle all of the different themes in some of the movies.

I finally realized that I would be able to share both the music and the characters of Disney through the Sing Along Song.  For anyone who is not familiar with the Disney Sing Along Songs, it is a series of videos or DVDs that have songs that are connected by a similar theme.  Some are based on a particular park while others are connected by a classic Disney movie or collection of movies. 

I was able to find some of the movies at the public library.  Others were available at local stores.  I have also seen them in bins at local yard sales and more recently on You Tube. The Sing Along Songs movies are all about 30 minutes long and feature the music of the parks or movies either as they appear in the original movie or blended with other familiar images from the Disney Company.

Some of the characters that I focused on at first were theones from The Lion King.  I did not think that my young children wereready to see the entire movie.  I was aware that the characters from The Lion King are featured in the different parks and parades at Walt DisneyWorld.  At the time, they were also thesection markers of the parking lot that we used at Disneyland. 

I would definitely recommend sharing the various clips from the Sing Along Songs with anyone travelling to the parks with youngchildren.  It gives parents the opportunity to expose their children to many of the characters without worryingif they are ready for the themes in the full length films.

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