Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Short Trip, Short Planning

  A lot of people plan their Disney World trips months, maybe even years out, but for me, most of my trips have been planned weeks, days, or  maybe just hours out. I have to say that most of the trips we take with the short planning period are for just a weekend getaway, we do take one long trip each year and plan that a few months in advance. We are Annual Passholders so we go 5-6 times a year. A short trip works great for us. we are lucky enough to be able to go often enough that we never feel like we're missing out on something in that short time period.
  Extended planning of a Disney trip does have its perks. If you book your ADR's at 180 days ahead, you're probably going to get that breakfast at Chef Mickey's or dinner at Cinderella's Royal Table, whereas booking shortly before you go you're probably going to be out of luck. When booking your resort, you'll have your pick of resorts and rooms, but on short notice sometimes you take what you can get. Plus you get to save up for all those souvenirs that you're going to want to buy.
  So even with all the things you get from booking months in advanced, for my money I love going on a whim. We mostly do Quick Service dining so making ADR's isn't something we really do. Even though you may not be able to get the most popular restaurants, you can still get some great ones and maybe one you wouldn't normally try. A few trips back we were thinking about doing a character breakfast, it was about a week prior to travel and we were able to get one for the Cape May Cafe. However, we didn't quite have it in the budget to go but we could have booked if we did. A short trip is also a great way to stay at resorts that may be out of your price range for a week long trip. I mean $200, or more, for one night isn't as bad as it would be over 7 nights, which would be $1400 or more!
  So all in all a long, planned out trip is good, but I love taking a short, spur of the moment trip. I would say, if you have the chance you should take one. You won't have time to do everything, but hopefully you still have time to do your favorite things. If you have taken a short, spur of the moment trip was it worth it? Would you do it again? I have and I will! As always have a Magical day and see you real soon.

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