Monday, August 27, 2012

Pixel Play Arcade: Art of Animation

If your family is like mine, you will most likely be spending some time at your resort arcade. My kids flocked to it like bugs to a zapper. Located just off the hotel lobby, is the Pixel Play Arcade. As you enter, there are lots of scattered boxes, which are actually small comfy little places to sit! This is Something not many arcades in Disney property offer. I loved this idea, that the parents could sit and rest, and just let the kids enjoy themselves while you had full view of them at all times. Most value resorts have one small bench in the lobby, and you can't really watch the kids that way.

 The games take the standard digital points cards, where you can use your credit card to buy points and no tokens or quarters are needed. The card is nice, and its reloadable if you want to add more points for later.

 The room is very colorful from floor to ceiling. Its a quite loud and active place. There are so many sounds, and colors swirling and dinging on the games, I found myself ready to go after a few minutes, but it was enjoyable for the kids. The lighting is pretty cool! The games range from old school favorites to state of the art, never before seen video games. It should be fine for everyone else though. The arcade was was really neat, but I much prefered to stay in the front  where the seating was.

 Over all this is the best arcade I've revoewed in a value resort because its new, up to date, and very entertaining. Perfect place to spend a rainy day!

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