Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rain on your Disney Parade?

This subject makes me giggle, I have heard so many funny things about Disney, like there is a secret bubble over all Disney, and there is never bad weather..that is one of the most talked about subjects people actually believe, sadly, though it would be nice on some days, but this is not true at all.

 It rains, and storms, and sometimes gets hit with hurricanes!! And, sometimes it may even be all while you are on vacation. It may sound like a horror story, but if you prepare before you go, you should be just fine. So,How do you prepare?
 It all starts in your packing. You know you are headed down to a warm climate and you know to pack shorts and t's, for the better part of the year. But, a lot of people forget about the other parts of packing. You will want to buy rain ponchos, there only a buck at the dollar store, they are flat, and take up barely any room in your luggage. If you wait, you will be shelling out $6-$8 each for ponchos in Disney, and that would take a nice chunk out of your budget.

 Second, look at the shoes you will be wearing. Most people know they will be doing a lot of walking, 10-15 miles a day and will bring sneakers. If you are caught in a downpour, you will be sloshing around in wet socks, not a fun thing to do, this is why I recommend crocs. I understand they may be ugly, but they take the water, and dry right up. No need for soggy socks or walking in squishy shoes. Now, if you do plan on wearing sneakers, bring extra socks and shoes or throw some flip flops in your bag.

Third, pack a few plastic baggies. These are good for water rides or if it is raining You won't want your camera, phone and money getting soaked.

If you get cold easy, bring a sweatshirt. Sometimes after the rain it gets a little cooler out, depending on the time of the year.

You can even take towels with you ,they're nice to have just in case, to dry off or for a dry spot for the parades after a storm.

 So, your at your hotel, and its raining, now what? Do you sit in your hotel room, and watch tv? NO Way!!!!
 TOP 10 Things to do if its raining:
10- Take the kids over to the arcade, let some energy out.
9- Make some pressed pennies, get a book in the store, and start a collection.
8- Go to the spa at Saratoga Springs or Grand Floridian
7- Head over to Epcot and sample some wines
6- GO Shopping!!DTD is the best for this, they have the Biggest Disney store in the world!!!
5-Resort hop, go check out some resorts, you can go to any resort and look around, and shop in the shops. Each resort gift shop has different items, so this makes shopping even funner!!
4- Check out Disney Quest, a 5 floor arcade!!
3- In Epcot, go to Innovations, hands on family fun and learning, you can even ride a segway for free(16and up)
2- Go eat!!!Lotsa choices on that !!!
1- Play in it!!! Disney brings out the kid in everyone, get out(as long as there is no thunder or lightning)

 For the most part, the rides in Disney are under some kind of roof. Rides that are not covered sometimes close in the bad weather. So, be prepared for that. I know how it is to be so excited to ride a ride, and find out it is closed. Just wait a while later, showers usually go by pretty quick in Florida, maybe get a fast pass for later on.

 Try to plan Animal Kingdom for a day that it isn't raining. Most all the fun things for kids to do is outdoors and you may not see many animals, they don't care for the rain either.

 Don't forget the babies, if they are in a stroller, make sure if you see the weather beforehand, invest in a stroller rain cover, keeping the little ones covered is top priority.

 Another option is to go to West Side in DTD, and go see a movie at AMC, they even have a plan where it includes dinner too!

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If all of this seems like too much, you can just have a lazy relaxing day, stay in your room, read a book, order room service, and just relax.

One of the best things if you are in the parks, lots of people leave the park, or go hide out for a while, this is the best time to get some ride time in, the ride times usually go down, and you can get some more fun in.


Umbrellas!!! I personally can't stand waiting in line being poked by a umbrella every 5 seconds, and it's also something to have to carry around unless you rent a locker.

 For the brave ones, enjoy the shower, especially in the summer months, heat index is usually in the 100's, the rain will feel like a welcome cool off!!!


There are many other things to enjoy while in Disney while its raining, but this should get you started. Make lots of your own memories, then share with us what you learned while at the Happiest Place on Earth in the rain!!!!


  1. We go inside and take character pictures while visiting Disney Studios in the rain.

  2. That's another great idea!!!:O)