Friday, July 27, 2012

Foodie Friday: Mitsukoshi

                                                   little fishies...
                                           many diff sodas,coffe in a can,milks, and more....

I know by now, you are probably like what does this have to do with food? Well, I am gonna let you in on a secret. This is one of my favorite store's in the Japanese pavilion of Epcot's World Showcase. This store is 10,000 sq feet. You will find all kinds of things here ranging from pick a pearl, kimonos, anime,Japanese weapons, shoes, health and beauty items, incense ,and tea items. All the way in the back, in the last room, is a hidden gem. Here, you can sample some of the best sake for about $5.00 per shot glass. That is really yummy, but the best thing is the Japanese food!!! There is all kinds of food, candy,drinks!!

My favorite is the chocolate filled marshmallows! My favorite drink here is the ramune. It comes in all flavors, my favorite is strawberry. The bottles have the neatest caps. There is a glass marble you have to take the plastic lid off the glass bottle, turn it upside down, and push the marble into the middle of the bottle, to open it. It is really neat how they make them! The different candies are pretty cheap, as well. You could walk out of here with a nice haul for little amount of money.

They have rice candy, which is neat. It's a candy where you actually eat the wrapper! Other neat things in the store are freeze dried snacks like dried squid, mini fishes and wasabi peas. So, if you are up to an adventure for your palette, stop inside Mitsukoshi while you are in Epcot!!
 Also, once your done snacking, don't forget to stop by Tepan Edo,and the Katsura grill.

And new for this summer are ice pops!! At only $2.00 each, they come in plastic sleeves, that you can break into 2 pieces. What a great cool off snack, that you can actually have your kids split. It doesn't get any better than this.

Enjoy the pics...some snacks,drinks, and just one of the candy sections..

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