Monday, July 30, 2012

Finalists in the Wedding Giveaway

Lynn Green Brooks:
My Disney love story happened August 15, 2007. My hubby and I were married at the Grand Floridian's Wedding Pavilion at 10am. I had always dreamed of getting married there ever since I was a child. I truely felt like Cinderella marrying my Prince Charming. My son, age 7 from a previous marriage, walked me down the aisle. We chose all Disney songs to be played during our ceremony. This day was a very happy day but also a sad day. Only 15 days before we married my husband's 2 young nephews (ages 8 and 6) died in a house fire. To honor their memory, my son wore a button with their pictures and I had an all pink rose bouquet with 2 blue roses. Before the boys died, they were so excited to be able to go to WDW for the first time. Now every trip we make to WDW we always think of the boys and guess what their favorite ride or attraction would be if they were still with us here on Earth. RIP Dustin and Maeson <3

  Mary Fougnier:
Growing up, I always watched Disney movies and hoped and dreamed I’d find that special someone. That someone that would fight the evil dragon, or search the kingdom for me should we separate… or even be that someone who would stay young forever with me. And in 2010, I found that certain someone. That someone I had met once upon a dream. The one that would not let me leave the ball, but should something happen, would search the kingdom and protect me. We are so alike, and we don’t want to grow up. Thankfully, we both love Disney and that is possible. Although we both love Disney movies, we also share an affinity for Disney parks, and the man that made it all happen – Walt himself. When he popped the question, he knew two things: It had to be in WDW, and we both had to be wearing Mickey ears. I’m extremely fortunate to be planning for our Fairytale Wedding, in the place that means so much to us. Disney brought us together, made us dreamers, and is making dreams a reality.

Nicole Bocina:
I've always been a huge Disney junkie, from the very first time I set my eyes on The Little Mermaid as a little girl. No matter how many times I go to WDW, I always get chills when I catch a glimpse of Cinderella's Castle. But that reaction is nothing compared to what Wishes does to me- there's something so incredibly magical and beautiful about it that it makes me cry every single time. Even just hearing the music gets me! Now, my reaction is even more emotional, since my fiancé, Christopher, proposed during Wishes last year. He waited until the Blue Fairy told everyone to “hold our hearts together and make a wish come true,” then he told me to close my eyes and make a wish. He told me that he loved me more than anything and put the ring box in my hands! We both share a love of all things Disney, so we will be getting married in WDW 6 weeks from today! I've been dreaming of a Disney wedding since I was little, and now it's coming true! I can't wait to add more chapters to our Fairy Tale!

Shannon Curtin:
My Disney love story started about a week before February 12, 2011. I was searching on the DISboards on the singles thread and came across a post from someone close by in Virginia. I sent him a message and we kept going back and forth for a week. We set up a date for February 12, 2011 at a local restaurant and movie theater. He brought me a few roses since it was so close to Valentines Day. From the day we met we were hooked. Our love of Disney broke the ice and we even talked about what restaurants at Disney we wanted to try. A few months of dating and we moved in together and the rest was history. We planned a trip for October 2011 where we dined at the restaurants we talked about on our first date. We had a great night at Ohana and made our way to the beach area at the Polynesian resort to watch fireworks. Tim asked me what my favorite moment of the trip had been and I told him about the Halloween party. I asked him what his favorite moment was and he said "right now" and got down on one knee. He had the most beautiful ring in his hand and it was such a perfect moment. In 2 months exactly from this day we are getting married down at Disney World at the Swan and Dolphin resort. We cannot wait to share Disney with our guests and to have children one day and share Disney with them. Disney brought us together and will always have a special place in my heart.

Amber Lorneza:
I am Minnie and I have found my Mickey! My Fiance and I are two ears on a mickey hat. We are best friends. He accepts the fact that I want my life to be one big fat giant polka dot!( I love polka dots!!) So great! Anyway! He proposed to me on May 5th 2011 in DisneyWorld on our first night (I dont think his nerve could take it any longer!) It was so late and funny because he woke me up to go get a drink! After much hesitation,(it was later worth it) I got up and we went on a walk and once he found a spot worth kneeling upon I said yes! But not before a random person said CONGRATS! before he even asked :/ It made it memorable. We (as would many couples) would love to get married in Disney, and my Mickey has tried very hard to figure out a way, but its just not in the stars. Our date has been postponed two times already because he was hurt at work and has trouble walking now and we figure he would like to Dance at his own wedding! When it does happen there will be PLENTY of obvious and hidden mickeys~

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