Monday, July 16, 2012

Alone Time at Disney World

I'm the one in the middle. LOL

  One of the best parts of going to Disney World is the quality time I get to spend with my family, though having some alone time has its perks. Now when I talk about alone time here, I mean actually going to one of the theme parks, not going to the spa, or golfing, or fishing, etc. I have one occasion where I went all by myself, it was for the One More Disney Day event at Magic Kingdom on Leap Day this year. Now I would've liked my wife to come but she had to work, and she said she didn't want to be at there for 24 hours straight anyways, and my 2 year old son wouldn't have lasted.
At first I was a little bummed to be going by myself, but I'm a huge Disney addicted and being that this may have been a once in a life time chance to be at Magic Kingdom for 24 hours straight I had to, plus my wife was real supportive, she pretty much made me go, I ended up having a great time. Granted, I was there for 24 hours alone so at times I got a little bored, luckily Disney fans are great and real easy to talk to. I got to do a lot of things that I hadn't before, or hadn't in a long time. My wife is not a fan of "thrill" rides, and my son was to small ride them, I don't like making them wait around while I have all the fun. One thing I got to do was to "stop and smell the roses", which can be hard with a 2 year old, all the details in Magic Kingdom are amazing, I really got an appreciation for the window on Main Street U.S.A.
Now I'm not saying you should hop on the next plane down and take a week all by yourself, but if you live close, maybe a day trip, or maybe on you next trip take a little time for yourself to go to your park of choice. On a day when everyone else wants to sleep in, you get up early for rope drop. Perhaps the rest of your family wants to do the Mountains of Magic Kingdom but that's not really your speed, plan to meet up later and take some time to ride your favorite rides, visit shops, see shows, or whatever you want. If your staying at a Disney Resort and you have little kids who head to bed early, if it's ok with your spouse, take advantage of Extra Magic Hours. Not only will the lines be shorter, but Disney really is extra magical at night (great picture opportunities).
So all in all I love Disney with my family, but going alone really made me appreciate it even more, and I got to see and do things I hadn't before. I would recommend to anyone, if you can, take some time for yourself in the parks. Have you done this before? Would you, if you had the chance? And remember sometimes the alone time can make your family time all the more better! So for now have a magical day and see you real soon.

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