Friday, June 8, 2012

Flame tree BBQ: Flame Tree BBQ

Every time we visit Animal Kingdom, my family loves to stop for lunch at Flame Tree!! This place has the best ribs, pulled pork and chicken ever!! It's a cute little spot. You get in line, order your food and then you take your trays and go sit down. The place they have for you to sit is pretty large, wherever you choose to sit, its very calm and peaceful. We always choose a place under a roof where we can see part of Everest. It's so quiet all the way in the back. We have tried Yak and Yeti and Tusker House, which are nice places, but nothing tops this BBQ! I have had all of them and my favorite is the pulled pork. Hubby loves the ribs. They also have turkey breast, chicken salad and fruit. All menu items run in the $9-10 range. They have side orders of fries or onion rings, coleslaw or/and baked beans. The combos come with the coleslaw or beans. You can substitute with the fries or onion rings, but you have to ask them.  They also have there own BBQ sauce in 3 different flavors. The pulled pork comes dry, without sauce, so you can get your own and use as much as you like. The ribs have a rub on them,  not really any BBQ sauce, so if you like them dry or smothered, it's up to you.

Also, if you are on a budget, this is a great place to get a meal to share! The food is plentiful!!

For the kiddies, they have meals as well. They can choose from a baked chicken drumstick, hot dog or peanut butter and jelly sandwich. All of the kid's meals come with 2 sides. Choices for that are apple sauce, jello, grapes, carrot sticks or yogurt or substitute fries. Drink options here are apple juice, milk or water. You can also substitute soda, but, once again, you have to ask.

 They also have dessert too, but I have never been able to finish my meal,let alone dessert.They have key lime and chocolate mousse.
 The food is really good, the atmosphere is happy and friendly. If you are in the mood for an awesome tasting BBQ meal, then this is the one to grab!! Here are a few pictures of  the yummiest food you will encounter at Animal Kingdom...

                                          The ribs...
                                          Pulled pork...
                                         Kids chicken drumsticks..

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