Thursday, June 21, 2012

Disney Feet?

Anyone who knows me would definitely wonder why I would have a post covering feet.   Anyone who doesn’t know me might wonder why I would talk about feet on a blog dedicated to all things Disney.  I think that thinking about feet prior to entering the gates of any of the Disney Parks, is worthwhile.  As someone who is known to leave a hotel room at 8:00AM and not return to the room until after might at times, the comfort of my feet is critical to my enjoyment of the entire experience. 

After walking the parks numerous times, I have to say that I am amazed at what people find appropriate for a day in the park.  Some of the shoes that I have seen wouldn’t work well for me to get from my front door to the front seat of my car.  Between the time spent walking from attraction to attraction and the time spent on my feet waiting in line, I am looking for something that is lightweight and supportive which also allows for circulation and protection from both the sun and other guests. 

I have been to the parks during all four seasons.  I have to say that traditional sneakers or tennis shoes work the best.  The other acceptable option while at Disney is the classic Croc.  Disney has even partnered with the company that makes Crocs and sells pairs that have Mickey Mouse silhouette cutouts all over them. 

When packing, I recommend bringing socks for each day of the trip.  They help absorb sweat  and prevent the friction that leads to terrible blisters.  The one time that I followed my fashion sense rather than common sense, I had sore feet for several months after the trip.  Never again. 

If travelling with kids, I recommend bringing a pair of crocs, water shoes or flip flops for their use at the numerous fountains and water spots throughout the parks.  This allows the kids the opportunity to play without the worry of wet shoes.  Clothes dry quickly in the sun but a wet pair of shoes can feel as if it will last forever. 

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