Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Being Part of the Show!

  When you're at Disney World their are lots of ways to interact with your surroundings. You have character meet and greets, interactive queues, like at the Haunted Mansion, or my favorite being a part of the show. "The Show" is everything you see, from attractions and cast members to restaurants, that help make your trip magical.
  Lots of the shows will ask for volunteers, for example Indiana Jones Stunt Spectacular, the American Idol Experience and more. Interacting with Streetmosphere performers is a quick, easy and fun way to be part of the show. Hollywood Studios is one of my favorite places to do this, I've done it there a few times myself. All you have to do is, when you see them just walk up and start talking to them, then follow there lead and let the fun begin.
  On the Jungle Cruise, sometimes they will ask for a volunteer to be a guest skipper. The times I've seen them do this, they have tried to get kids. I was picked one time, granted it was during "One More Disney Day" and it was about 3 or 4 in the morning and there were no kids. I think most of the people on the boat were off duty Cast Members. It was cool to do this, *ATTENTION SPOILER ALERT*, I know your really not steering the boat, it's on a track, but it was still fun. I got to wear the skipper hat, unfortunately I didn't have my camera so no picture, and I got an Official Guest Skipper card. Hopefully someday, when my son is older, he will get a chance to do it too.
Best Day of My Life!! Ok not quite but still cool.
  Monsters, Inc. Laugh Floor is quickly becoming one of my families favorite attractions. Part of the reason is because it's funny.There are jokes the whole family gets and you can even text in jokes before hand for them to use in the show. But my favorite part is how they randomly put the camera's on people in the audience and make them part of the show. I've been part of it 2 separate times, both times they were telling the Monsters, Inc. story and finding people who represented characters from the movie. Since I have a big beard, I've been chosen as Sully. Like I said it's at random so most people are caught off guard, which is fun to watch, but usually get into pretty quickly.
  So have you ever been part of the show? Where was it? What did you have to do? Is there any way you know how you can be part of the show that you haven't done that you'd like to? Let us know and have a magical day.


  1. Great Article!! Kids have been the "Skipper" a few times. Husband was "That guy" on Monster's! All FUN!

  2. When I was eleven we rode Jungle Cruise at Disneyland. No one was the skipper on our ride but the cast member who let our boat made the ride so much fun with his corny narration. I thought it was the coolest ride. I can't wait to take my girls on our trip to WDW next year.