Thursday, June 14, 2012

Baby Care Centers

The first trip that both of my children took to Disneyland in California was when they were under one year old.  My son was almost four months old and my daughter was eight months old.  My son was nursing and my daughter was nursing and eating some baby foods. 

Most people would ask why on earth I was travelling across the country to take my young children to a place like Disneyland.  One secret that I learned early on when I first took my son was about the Baby Care Center.  I felt as if I was walking through the wardrobe and into another world just like Lucy in the Chronicles of Narnia.  On one side of the door stood the traditional craziness of being in Disneyland and the other side featured a calming, clean and peaceful spot where parents could meet their children’s needs.

When a guest first walks into the room they are greeted by cast members who can assist with the parents needs.  The area is a comfortable temperature and features several different areas.  There is a changing area that has large tables with clean paper available.  Nearby there is also a toddler size toilet available. 

There is a section that has a work area with a sink and microwave among other things.  I was able to clean out bottles here and I am sure that bottles could be heated as well.  Another area focused on feedings.  There was a private section where mothers could nurse their babies in comfortable chairs.  There were also several high chairs available.

For parents with very young children the Baby Care Center provided an escape for a few minutes from the hustle and bustle of the park.  The stimulation was minimal and the needs of the infants and toddlers came first.  It is worth finding the comparable spot in any of the parks. 
Here is a list of the locations at WDW, Florida:

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  1. I never thought to go and check this out! I had my kids at all ages while at Disney..this is a good thing to know though, instead of trying to change your kid on a nasty table or bench, I know! But, Its not the most well know thing in the park, glad that you brought this up:O)