Thursday, May 31, 2012

Staying Cool at Disney

As you know, a lot of visitors come down to FL in the summer, and some may not expect it to be so hot. Some people don't realize how sometimes it's not fun standing in the summer heat in long lines with cranky kids. Here are some tips on how to stay cool, keep your cool and still have fun at Disney in the summer...

 As FL residents, we tend to pretty much stay away from Disney during the summer months. To us, it's just to hot.
 For starters, how to pack. You know if  you are coming to Florida, for most months, you are going to pack shorts and t shirts. We are hanging our Christmas lights up here in shorts and T's, so how you dress you and the kiddies up is one major factor . Dress lightly and in light colors. Ladies, wear your sun dresses, little shorts, ect..

 To all the moms out there, the Disney Princess outfits are really cute, I know, but in the summer heat, they get really hot and itchy really fast, so please bring your little princess a change of clothes!!

 Shoes, now I personally am a croc girl, yes, I know they are so ugly to most people, but they are my life, especially with the many miles you will be walking in the parks during your stay. Most people complain they make your feet sweat, however I know this is gonna sound weird, I spray my feet with spray deoderant! Bam, no more sweating!!! Disney crocs are  even better, I have my crocs in a rainbow of colors, so they match most every outfit. But, if you are totally against the crocs, I suggest sandals ,like Tevas,or Keens they are great shoes!!

 For the little ones in a stroller, before you leave home stop at walmart and pick up a clip on battery fan and or a fan water sprayer, they are a lot of money in the parks, and if you are trying to stay on budget, that can take a chunk out.
 Bring a hat, it helps shade your head, and eyes in the bright sun!

Ladies, skip the major make-up, its just not worth it!!

 Small coolers are allowed to be brought in, freeze your juice boxes over night, and pack them up!
Bring a few washcloths or neck wraps, every so often dip them in the water fountains, for a cool off!!

 I know it's vacation, who wants to get up early? Get up early! Have a early breakfast and get to the parks as soon as they open. Beat the afternoon heat and leave around 12 or 1, go back to the hotel for a nice cooling swim. If you prefer to stay in the park, there are cool off stations. In Epcot there are the jumping fountains, the big Coke bottle, the car and a few other little fountain areas. The little kids love these and the adults can have a seat for a few minutes. Remember, you are on vacation, slow down!!! In Animal Kingdom you have Kali River Rapids, which is great for a cool down. In the Magic Kingdom Splash Mountain is also nice.

 Also, remember to stay hydrated!!!! This is very important. Many calls are made to EMS for folks that have overheated. Keep the kids well stocked with water and stay away from sugary snacks!!! Most walk up places to eat will give you free ice water, all you have to do is ask!!

Chaffing is a touchy subject but one I feel we should cover. It's horrible to have heat rash or blisters burning your body and still having miles to walk!! Bring baby powder in your pack or before you leave. There is also some stuff called Body Glide, you can find it in sports stores for about $7, it helps as well.

 The great thing about Disney is that almost all attractions under some kind of covering to keep you out of direct sunlight. If you really need a few minutes off your feet, check out a show. In the Magic Kingdom you have The Hall of Presidents, its a nice air conditioned room. At Animal Kingdom, you can see Festival of the Lion King or Finding Nemo show. In Disney's Hollywood Studios you can catch The American Idol Experience and over at Epcot you can sail through Living with the Land ride or the 360^ theater in China.
Downtown Disney also offers a stay cool spot for the kiddies to enjoy, and cool off!!
Don't forget to being a change of clothes for the kids,and maybe a towel or two!!!

 And of course, Disney offers 2 really awesome water parks for the most coolest day of your life!!!

 Don't forget the sunscreen!!!!

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