Monday, May 21, 2012

More Speed: Ride Makerz

Start your engines ladies and gentleman, you are gonna be so revved up about Ride Makerz. This is another hidden gem in DTD in the Team Mickey Athletic Club store. If you have boys, and some girls(yes,they have pretty colors and decals even for girls), they will definitely wanna make a pit stop here! In Ridemakerz you have fun designing your own car or truck. You become the designer, which I think is a really cool concept. Start off by chosing your car or truck body, which come in a rainbow of colors, and range from corvettes, Mustangs ,Vipers, Hot rods, and even some cool looking Tow Maters from Cars.
 Once you have your body, it's time to pick out your insides and tires. The tires come in red, green, black or yellow and come in packs of 2. Time to make your vehicle look pretty, or pretty cool, from skulls and flames to hippy flowers. You pick the decals and rims. The rims are available in gold, silver and basic black and come in packs of 4. Sound effects are also available. You can make your car roar or purr. Wanna make it light up? You can even do that too with a cool light kit for the bottom.
 Now, the only thing left in decisions is are you gonna push your car or make it a remote control?

 Now that we got all that taken care of its time to take that baby outta the package and put it together. You stand at counters equipped with tools that are ready for your assembly. Moms and dads, don't worry, the Disney mechanics are there to help.

 Now, it's test time. There is an area on the floor to make sure your creation really works and you can spend as much time as you want testing it out.

 My kids fell in love with this hidden gem, I say hidden, because if you didn't know it was in the store, I didn't see any signage to let you know it was inside.

 Now, what is this gonna cost? The average take home price  would start at around $60 and that can go into the hundreds. If you return later, like your next Disney trip, you can bring the car back, and pick up more things, and sound cards, or have an upgrade from push to remote(for a price of course).

                                         The oldest found his..
                                          Black Tow-Mater

                                          Youngest trying his out

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