Friday, May 4, 2012

Dine With an Imagineer: Heather's Experience

Last August, we had the opportunity to Dine with an Imagineer at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. There are two options for this experience. One is at the Brown Derby where a lunch is served. The other opportunity is dinner at the Flying Fish Restaurant at the Boardwalk Resort. This is a special experience that has limited opportunities for guests to enjoy. I would recommend making reservations far in advance for this. There are only ten people allowed to participate at the event.
Guests are welcomed with their own nametag that is designed to look like the traditional cast member name tag. The guests are brought to the Bamboo Room of the Brown Derby, which is a private dining area, or to a section of the Flying
Fish where they are introduced to their guest imaginer. A personalized four course menu is offered to the guests that was developed in conjunction with the restaurant staff and the Imagineer. The day that we were there, we had the option of select soup, salad, main course and dessert. The main course included the option of a beef, chicken or vegetarian meal. All of the meal was well paced and delicious.
The Imagineer started by introducing himself and then having us go around the table and introduce ourselves and ask about any specific questions they might want addressed during the experience. Our Imagineer was very kind to us with his answers and the time that he spent with us. At the end of the meal, we were given a souvenir picture of our group and a commemorative plate that the Imagineer signed. It was truly a memory that will last a lifetime.
I would recommend that if booking this event, you clarify that you want to Dine with an Imagineer and not simply eat at the Brown Derby or the Flying Fish. Be sure that you leave plenty of time for this and I would not suggest that you bring children much younger than ten. Also note that you are unable to use the regular dining plan for this event.

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