Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Who's Who Wednesday :Tinker Bell: An UN-common Fairy!

Miss Tinker Bell

Tinker Bell began her career fairy-tale career as a sparkle of light in J.M. Barre's 1904 play Peter Pan.

Originally called "Tippy-Toe," Barre changed the name as she was "a common fairy," who mended pots & kettles. Tinkers announced their arrival to towns by ringing "tinkers' bells," and thus her name. Variants on the spelling of her name–Tinkerbell & Tinkerbelle–were settled by pointing out Captain Hook addresses her as "Miss Bell," indicating she has a first and last name.

Walt Disney had no plans to use Tinker Bell after Peter Pan, but advisors warned Walt not to use any of the Fab Five to promote Disneyland, in case the park was a flop. So Tinker Bell and Jiminy Cricket were recruited for the job. Since then, Tink has evolved into "the symbol of the magic of Disney." Her pixie dust opened Disney's TV shows, she has a part in Disney's Peter Pan "dark ride" and the Disney Princess Franchise, and is the central character in Disney's Fairies.

The inspiration for Marc Cavis' distinctive animated character was actress Margaret Kerry. When asked how she should act as Tinker Bell, Kerry was told they wanted to capture her very own personality, so Kerry says "when you see Tink, you see me!"

The first person to fly through the air as Tinker Bell was Tiny Kline, a circus performer who flew suspended 150 feet above the ground from Disneyland's Matterhorn to Sleeping Beauty's Castle to begin the fireworks in 1961. Tiny was 4 feet 10, 98 pounds, and 70 years old. Tiny was Tink for 3 years.

In 2009, Tink became the smallest waxwork figure in Madame Tussauds' House of Wax at 5 1/2 inches small.

Topiary Tink

And to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, on September 21, 2010, Tinker Bell received her own Hollywood Star on the walk.

So there is really nothing "common" about Tinker Bell–she is definitely a most UN-common fairy! And thanks to Tinker Bell, you can share in Disney Magic!

Brenda is most like Tink! How about you?


  1. great post

    very interesting to learn about how Tinkerbell was used to promote Disneyland in case it flopped

    and i never knew about Margaret Kerry either

    i have fond memories of her whimsical presence at the beginning of the Disney TV shows when i was a child

    1. Thanks, Paul!

      Yes, I also have fond memories of Tink waving her wand to begin the magic of Disney!

      Glad you enjoyed the stroll down "history lane"!