Friday, April 27, 2012

Foodie Friday: What is Kabuki Cart?

This place is brain freeze central, this is the best place in Epcot to get the best snack, in my opinion!
Kaki Gori, that's right, it is finely shaved ice with different syrups to chose from. This is located in Epcot's Japan, at the Kabuki Cart.

You get a fairly large cup overfilled with ice shavings and you can pick your flavor syrup. Now its not your normal grape,or blueberry, it has flavors of strawberry, melon,cherry,tangerine, or my favorite rainbow!

The new cart now has toppings you can add to your Kaki Gori- Sweet milk,sweet cherry, and sweet strawberry. Now, since the upgrade of this cart, then have even more items to chose from.

Perfect for a warm day are Green Tea,Ginger, and Azuki strawberry flavored ice creams. They also have smoothies, steamed edamame,miso soup and you can't forget the plum wine and sake.

This is my favorite spot to get a cool treat, which you will love all times of the year, but especially in the warmer months here in Florida. The cup that they give you only costs $3.50 and I always share it with my hubby. Don't eat it too fast, or you will get a massive brain freeze! The cone pictured here, is how they served it before the remodel.

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