Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Celebration Cruise

A few years ago, my family was able to enjoy a Celebration Cruise at Walt Disney World. We had gone on a quick trip to Walt Disney World for Labor Day weekend just before school began for the year in New England. My father had just celebrated his sixtieth birthday and the day after he returned from this trip he was to report to the hospital to begin a series of cancer treatments. We decided to treat him to something special and indulge in a Celebration Cruise.
The Celebration Cruise is an incredible opportunity if ever you have the chance. We boarded the boat at the Grand Floridian marina. There were snacks and beverages ready for us on board. Our group of seven fit very comfortably aboard to boat which would accommodate a total of ten guests. The boat had a dedicated captain who was very friendly but not invasive.
We first traveled around the lake and over the water bridge past the Contemporary. The boat took us past what is now the Bay Lake Tower but at that time it was under construction. He took us around what were the remnants of Discovery Island.
Discovery Island used to be a spot where visitors could visit many types of birds, large tortoises and the opportunity to hold a parrot. Visitors would take a boat to the island and leisurely walk around on the paths and through the aviaries. We also went by the old entrance to River Country. This was a popular spot prior to the opening of Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach. It has been closed for many years but the turnstiles still sit among the bushes near the dock that would let patrons in and out. We traveled back to an area on the water near the dock for the Magic Kingdom. From this spot we could see the castle and the lights of Main Street. When the fireworks began, the music was piped onto the boat. We had our own special viewing of the fireworks. They were magical.
This experience was fantastic and the night is etched in my mind as a special memory. Almost four years later, we continue to look forward to the new memories that we will make while on our next trip to Disney.

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