Monday, March 26, 2012

Kilimanjaro Safari Expedition

 Jambo! This is one of the rides at Animal Kingdom that you will NOT want to miss. A FastPass is a must for this attraction. I have been on this ride so many times. I have ridden in the morning and afternoon, and have come to find the opportune riding time to see many of the animals is between 2-3 PM. Make sure to pick up your FastPass in the later morning hours for this return time, you won't be dissapointed!

 The safari takes place in Africa, one of the places I dream of going one day. You are at the Harambe wildlife reserve and board your open air jeep that looks like it just came out of the mud pit! If you want the bumpiest of rides, sit in the back. This ride is never the same twice.

 You take off and it seems like your flying through the reservoir , but top speed of these jeeps is only 10mph. You begin to round the corner, and if you are lucky, you start to see a few animals. My advice is this; sit down, hold on, and have your cameras ready! Depending on the castmember leading your trek and how busy the park is are, they don't stop for you to take pictures. Have the camera on and ready to start snapping!

 There is so much to see on this ride. There is no telling how many animals you will get to see on this ride. The lions are so cute, but are usually sleeping on what looks like pride rock from the Lion King! Not only will you can see animals A-Z, from Antelope to Zebras.. Crocs, hippos, rhinos, elephants, giraffes, and all in between, there are watering holes, the gorgeous Savannah, and something the Baobab tree. The tree looks like its upside down, with its roots growing on top. It's an actual  tree found in Africa. The 20 foot termite mounds are really cool , too!

 Your jeep will begin to cross a rickety old bridge. It sometimes shows it's wear, and gives way, a little bit. You sure don't want to be gator bait, so the drivers gets outta there pretty fast!
My favorite part is when they turn on the radio and Hapa Dunia is played. This is actually the Lord's Prayer in Swahili.
The ride holds 32 passengers, has no height restrictions and is handicap accessible.
Be nice to the tour guide on your two week journey, and Kwa Herini everyone!!!!

 Be sure to walk the Pengani  Forest after you ride this ride, you get to see even more animals.

 Insider secret, every morning the preserve people put out what is called browse on hidden areas, to make the animals come closer, so you can see them better.

 For the adventurer you can take a backstage tour called the Wild Africa Trek: It costs 189.00, its a 3 hour tour  for children 9 or older, and you must weight less than 350 lbs, and yes, they do weigh you in..This trip takes you off the beaten path of what you would see on the regular safari, up and close to hippos, and gators! Boma for lunch.yummy!! You will be walking on small rope bridges just feet above gators!!Yikes!

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