Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Who's Who Wednesday: Belle and Beast

Belle is, of course, the princess from the Disney movie, Beauty and The Beast. This movie was released in 1991. Belle is from a small town in France, where she lives with her father. She loves to read, is beautiful, kind, brave and smart. Best is the other main character of the same movie. His actual name is Prince Adam, who was once a handsome prince that had everything. Due to his selfishness, an Enchantress punished his cold heart by turning him into a beast and his castle into a very dark place. She even turned his servants into common household objects. Belle and Beast first meet when she is looking for her father that had been missing for several days. Beast had captured him and placed him in his dungeon to live out the rest of his days. Belle offers to trade places with her father if Beast will just let him go. Her time with Beast teaches him love and compassion for others. As the story goes, Belle and Beast fall in love, true love's first kiss returns him to the handsome prince and they live happily ever after. Both Belle and Beast are seen in attractions, parades and are available for meet and greets at all of the Disney parks. They can be seen together in Fantasmic! at Disney's Hollywood Studios and in the French Pavilion at Epcot. Belle alone can be seen throughout the other parks. They appear in other movies together, as well, such as Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at The House of Mouse and Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas. They have also appeared on TV's House of Mouse.

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