Monday, February 20, 2012

Watch for trolls... Ride Review: Maelstrom

I am a fan of hidden gems in Disney. This ride is one of those. It is settled all the way in the back of Norway Pavilion at Epcot. From the outside in the queue, you can see the boats as they come past an open window. The Maelstrom ride starts with you boarding your Viking boat, they are nice, and spacious. I caught a quick picture of a boat before it left the loading dock.

You enter your ship, and you are taken into a tunnel and you head up a hill. All of a sudden you see "The light" It's kind of like you are being put into a Viking trance of sorts and you finally reach that bright light. You pass by some neat trees and are told of the spirit of the seafarer. You will then see some nice Viking men in boats, one is burning, ohh no, here come the trolls!!!
 He shows up around the next corner. He's not too scary but kinda ugly. The trolls put a spell on you and send you backwards. That nice, calm boat ride has now turned into a backwards mess of your senses. You can't really see behind you and you wonder what is happening??

 Whoa, those are some huge polar bears!! Then you pass some caverns and head towards a waterfall. Are we going over it?? Ride it and see. turn around, and are now flowing the right way. The boat takes you down a nice little hill and a splash into a thunderstorm. The scenery changes and you pass by some neat oil rigs in the water. Your ship is almost back home and you are glad to have made it through. 
 After you unload the boat,you will enter a cute little town with little buildings resembling those in old Norway. You will enter a movie room, which you can choose to stay and watch a little 10 min movie about Norway, or you can walk right through the doors to the gift shop.

 The ride is pooh friendly and holds 16 people.The good thing is this ride has no height limit, but infants have to be taken out of there seats. It's a pretty 

neat little ride, and if you are like me, I use rides like this as a learning experience for my kids. It does give somewhat of a history lesson on the Viking experience 

Be sure once you leave to stop at the Gringla Bakeri Og Kafe, you will not wanna leave Epcot without 

school bread, Lufsa and a almond covered pretzel. Also, don't forget your viking coffee!

For those wanting to do a very cute Character breakfast with the Princesses, you can go to Akershus, my daughter loved it!

For those hidden Mickey lovers, there is a hidden Mickey on this ride, be sure to look for it!!

On the way out, be sure to sample the neat Swedish perfumes(they smell so good!) There is also a cute troll picture spot.


  1. We love this ride when it's really hot, as it's indoors and air conditioned. Also, a good spot to wait out the rain.

  2. We LOVE this ride! I will never forget the first time I went on..I was a ride wimp at the time and when it started going backwards I was so scared! We walk through the

  3. One of my favorite rides.

    Lynn Green Brooks

  4. Every time we visit EPCOT we need a picture with the massive troll! "Disappear! Disappear!" :)