Friday, February 17, 2012

Foodie Friday: THE Caramel Chocolate Apple

If you read last week's Foodie Friday article about Goofy Foods, you may have been able to tell that my favorite Disney treat is the caramel chocolate apple. These usually consist of a juicy Granny Smith apple dipped in sticky caramel and chocolate, white or milk. It can then be dressed in just about any sweet topping you desire from sugar to sprinkles, peanuts or M&Ms. On special occasions and holidays, you can find these apples decorated like Mickey Jack-o-lanterns, Jack Skellingtons or spider webs for Halloween, covered in pink or red sprinkles Valentines, Snowmen at Christmas or even characters like Belle, Mickey or Minnie. My all time favorite is the Mickey. It is half rolled in red sugar and dotted with two yellow chocolate candies for buttons to resemble Mickey's pants. There have recently been some new flavors added. There is the Oreo apple, the Butterfinger apple and one rolled in Rice Krispies. I haven't tried any of these. When we were there in December, though, I did sample the Caramel Apple Pie Apple. It is the caramel apple base, dipped in white chocolate and rolled in a cinnamon graham cracker crumble. I will admit this was very delicious but nothing compares to the regular old Mickey. There are several places around Walt Disney World Resort that you can find theses apples. In the Magic Kingdom, you can get them as soon as you walk through the gates at the Main Street Confectionery. This is usually where I get mine and I have to admit, they don't last long enough for me to take a photo. You can get them at two different places in Downtown Disney. One is at the Candy Cauldron and the other is at Goofy's Candy Company. I know that you can get them made to order at Goofy's and I think the Candy Cauldron. I stated how you can do this in last weeks article. If you want to eat your apple immediately or have it ready to eat later without the mess, a cast member will gladly cut it up for you in to manageable slices. A good friend of mine made Minnie apples for her daughter's first birthday. In a few weeks, she will be sharing with us her birthday party planning and photos including the recipe for the apples.

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  1. Caramel apples are my favorite, this will def be going on my to do list for our Dec. trip! They are so cute too!