Monday, February 6, 2012

Dawn's Ride Review: Rock 'n' Roller Coaster

Are you ready to have 32,000 watts blasting in your ear drum, whole going 60 mph in a limo? If you answered yes, then Rock'n' Roller Coaster is for you! I love this ride so much, the usual long wait time is so worth it! The ride queue is kind of long but it keeps you from being bored as you wait. It winds around, till you enter G-Force studio. You enter 4 different rooms. The room before the ride room, is by far the best, you are standing in front of a real looking studio when all the sudden you swear Aerosmith is standing right in front of you! They are running late for the concert and they invite you to tag along!! They even have a limo ready for you. So, then they leave the studio in their own limo, and everyone else is invited into the next room, where you will see a chain link fence and a short line until you enter your limo. The limos are seated 2 by 2 and hold large groups of people per train. As you enter, you will see a countdown board. Keep that head of yours back, because when that board hits 1, you are like a bullet taking off! You are flying at 60 mph, with 32,000 watts of Aerosmith songs blasting in your ears, the wind is blowing, and you are going through traffic on the LA freeway! This ride has 3 loops, sorry kiddies ya gotta be 48'' to ride this ride! So, hold onto to your hats, and sunglasses, hold on tight, its the best ride in a limo you will ever experience!! Don't forget to see your silly face on the way out, they snap a cute pic of everyone in the car!!!:

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  1. I adore this ride! I love that my whole family loves to ride together. AWESOME!