Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello...Who's Who Wednesday- Contributor Dawn

Well Hiya! 
 My name is Dawn, I am a 35 year old and a total Disney Freak! I have been married to my best friend for 13 years, we have 4 of the the greatest children you could ask for. 
 Aside from being a Stay at home mom, I have my own business on ebay, where I enjoy making jewelry, and providing with my husband for my children, and our many Disney trips. 
 Ever since I was little, I loved all things Disney! I could not wait to go on vacations as a child with my parents, they took my sister and I all over the United states, and even Canada, as silly as it sounds, my favorite place to go was my grandparents house in Florida, my sister and I knew that included a family trip to Disney world!
 In 1997 for health reasons we packed up our house, and made the big move to Florida, the doctor advised Florida, or Arizona, to me Florida was much nicer, and closer to Disney! It is so much fun only being an hour and a half from my second home.
 As a family we have decided to purchase season passes, since we go so much, why not?? My favorite thing in life is all about Making Memories for my children, and what better place to make that happen then Disney? My day starts with going to Magic Kingdom, as we round that corner(now I have rounded that corner over 100 times) , I see the castle, and the tears begin to fall, my kids look,and say, well our day can begin now, mom is crying. There is just something that overtakes you once you step foot on Main Street, you loose all the memories of what is going on at home, and you are a child once again, you take a few steps, you begin by smelling the candy shop, you are welcomed by the band or a mini show going on, you look up and see the balloon handlers with 100 shiny ,sparkling balloons, you walk a little further ,and the smell of the Bakery fills your nostrils, then comes the smell of waffle cones, your senses all go wild, you are about 5 years old again! You don't care what you look like how big or small you are, you are just taken to another world, that is why I love Disney, that feeling is like no other feeling in the world. 

I love riding the rides, I have been on them all! I know what it is like to have a small budget and think you just can not afford to go , I love helping and teaching people how they can make it affordable, and still have a good time. I am a Disney foodie, I love trying new things, new places to eat, the Food and Wine Festival was the best thing ever! 

  We have done so many things at Disney, if you have any questions about the special things that go on, just ask, I have been to them all.We have eaten, and yes, even drank around the world. I have learned so many tips to help people along through all of my experiences, I hope to share, and even learn some new tips from my fellow Disney lovers.


  1. Dawn what a sweet story! I am looking forward to getting to know you better. Hugs!