Friday, January 13, 2012

Foodie Friday: Whispering Canyon Cafe

On our first day, during our most recent trip in December 2011, we didn't have much planned, other than our ADR at the Whispering Canyon Cafe. This restaurant is located in the lobby of the Wilderness Lodge. We had spent some of the day at Magic Kingdom and decided to head to the Wilderness Lodge by bus, but you can go by boat. When we got there we checked in and were given a pager. Being the holiday season, the lobby was beautifully decorated and had lots of neat photo opportunities. We didn't have much time to tour, though, our pager was soon buzzing and we headed back to the desk. We were seated quickly at a table near the front. We each ordered our drinks- the kids all had chocolate sheriffs milkshakes, Paul had Barqs rootbeer and I had water. When our waiter, Justice came back with the platter full of drinks he tripped and "spilled" the tray of drinks all over our table! JOKE! It was a tray of fake drinks, but all of us were very surprised. He came back quickly with our real drinks. Now it was time to order our meals. Erin chose the Canyon Skillet with chicken off of the childrens menu. The rest of us all decided to have the Canyon Skillet All-You-Care-to-Enjoy. This includes a huge skillet full of smoked pork ribs, pulled pork, oven roasted chicken, beef brisket, mashed potatoes, cowboy beans, corn on the cob and cornbread. You are also started off with a mixed green salad. When Justice brought out that skillet, our jaws hit the floor! You would not believe how much food was in that skillet. Man was it good, too. All of it, everything in that skillet was delicious. However, they don't bring ketchup to your table, you have to ask for it.
While we were eating all of this delicious food, Paul ran out of rootbeer. When Justice asked if he wanted more, Paul replied, "'Maybe a little'". Well what do you thing he brought back? The tiniest mug of rootbeer I have ever seen!
We had to laugh, especially when it was gone in one gulp. Justice called him Mr.Thirsty and went to get him another one. He returned with a HUGE jar of rootbeer with about 7 straws coming out the top! This place was so much fun. Before dessert, they had pony rides where the children can get stick horses and gallup around the restaurant. Zachary and Erin gave it a try and had a blast. As if we weren't full enough from our meals, we had to get dessert! Paul coudln't even eat his! We all got something different and passed it around. I chose the Kahlua flavored chocolate cake with chocolate mousse filling, this is to die for and by far the best dessert I have ever had at Disney!
Clay had the cheesecake with seasonal berries, man those were some huge blackberries on that thing!
Zachary had seasonal berry mousse and said it was really good, lots of berries.
Since we were celebrating Erin's birthday, she got a special treat. Justice came out singing Happy Birthday in his key of XYZ voice and presented her with a special birthday cupcake! It was great.
Now, Whispering Canyon Cafe is not a place to go for a quiet romantic evening. It is a very noisy but fun and exciting establishment that is not to be missed. It will definitely be on our list of places to return to!

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  1. We have never been but I have it on my list for our next trip! I cannot wait to give it a try!!!