Sunday, January 22, 2012

Expedition Everest

There it is...buried all the way back in Asia, you can see the snow topped mountain as you are pulling up to Animal Kingdom, you are a little scared after hearing of that dreaded Yeti, and what he has done to the start to head all the way to the back of the park, where the Yeti is waiting, up high in the mountains, you prepare for your journey in the queue line, seeing artifacts, pictures of long long members of the last journey to find the yeti, you even see what was left of the backpackers tent, and everything that was left behind. You even get a glimpse of the last photo taken on the one persons camera, as you await for your turn , you see masks, many pictures, and even learn a few things along the way. You get to your train, your heart is pounding, this is it, no turning back now, You put your bar down in front of you, and you are off. 

 You begin going around a circle of sorts, then you are off, up to the top of this huge mountain, the views are awesome, be sure and have your camera in your hand to take a pic of the spectacular view on your way up the mountain, (then put your camera away, and hold on!) You go all the way to the top of this mountain(200ft) in search of this beast, when you get to the top, you notice something that is not good, where are the tracks???? Seems the Yeti has been here!! Well, with no where for your train to go, there is only one way out, yes, its backwards...

 You fly backwards down the mountain, you come to a stop, look up, and you are greeted by a shadow on the wall of the Yeti ripping apart the track, yea, def time to get outta here, the new track opens, and now you are going forward again(what a relief)! You are really flying now, just when you think you have gotten away from the Yeti, there he is all 20 ft of him, he is standing right there, tries grabbing you, and you plunge down the 50 ft drop.

 You pull up to the trader's station, and you are happy to be alive. We love going on this ride as soon as the park is open, the best thing is when it is nice and cool in the morning , that cold wind blowing on your face, its so nice. The train are nice in size, they fit 2 to a row, and even Pooh size people can fit. This ride is really fun, thrilling, and is great for the 44'' plus crowd. 

 You come out into the gift shop, where you are greeted by some of the neatest  T-shirts, and the cutest little Yeti plush you have ever seen.

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  1. Great article. I was only able to go on this ride once. I was pregnant the first year that it was open and since then I have had trouble getting people to go back with me.