Monday, January 30, 2012

Ahoy Mateys....

Enter the world of Jack Sparrow, you begin this adventure in an underground cavern, its dark, its musky, the perfect place for Scallywags to hang about. You twist and turn through the queue, you finally see your boat, it seats about 30 people, You board your boat , and off you go, you round a corner, and you look, you really think your are about to get soaked, the magicians at Disney made a way to make mist look like a real runnning waterfall, and who's face appears in this waterfall?No other than Blackbeard(normally its Davey Jones), as you laugh your butt off at everyone covering there heads thinking they are about to get soaked, you go through, on the sides you see the unfortunate souls that have tried to get that most important Pirate booty! be careful of the little crabs, the move.
 Now you come onto seeing Barbossa's ginourmous Pirate ship. Gun fire, that sounds like bullets whizzing by, cannons being shot, you will swear they are aiming right at you, but luckily they miss your boat.

 You travel on, pass a few bridges, Don't forget to watch for Jack Sparrow himself(well animatronic of him anyway) He is seen in 3 different areas, you see lots of pillaging pirates, wenches, and some funny people who have had just a little too much rum.

 The ride is a fun, a bit dark, the best part, well my favorite is one of the last scenes where the dog is holding the keys, and the jailers are trying there best to get the dog to open the door.

 The last scene is Jack sitting in a chair, sourounded by the most jewels, and booty you have ever seen.

 This ride is for everyone, any age can enjoy, small kids may be frightened by the dark ,and noises.  There is one small dip during the ride, nothing like Splash mountain, as some people think, Yes, I have actually heard some people would not go on the ride because they think that.

 So grab yer Mateys, and have a fun Pillaging time!!!! Arghhh!!

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