Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Intro to the World of Disney Blogging

So here it is, my intro post into the Disney blogging world. I am Shannan, a 35 year old married (to Paul), mom of 3. Clay is 12, Zachary is 11 and Erin (Chickie, as many people call her) is almost 9. I will explain here how our family love of Disney came to be and what I hope this blog can share. I would like to thank my blogging mentor Kelly Ortiz from Disney Guru for giving me the courage to get started and helping me every step of the way. I watched Disney movies as a child and even went to Walt Disney World once as a kid. I don't remember much about it other than the people, It;s A Small World attraction and the fact that my little brother showed me up by riding Space Mountain. My true love for the Mouse didn't truly evolve until I had children of my own to share it with. When Clay was about to turn 3, I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he, of course, told me he wanted to go to Disney World. I knew it was a lot of money that we didn't have at the time, so I made him a promise that we would go when he was 5. That little mn didn't let me forget it either. As a matter of fact, on his fourth birthday he said, "' Just one more year and I get to go to Disney World'". I started doing a little research and requested a brochure so we could get reservations. As his birthday neared, I made the reservations. My parents were going with us, so I had to make accommodations for 7, ages one and a half to 56! This was the most rewarding trip I have ever made. Zachary loved princesses and the look on his face the moment they walked out of the castle, was priceless. It was worth every penny that I had scrounged to make the 12+ hour drive. Yes, we choose to drive from middle Tennessee to the middle of Florida. And it's long, very long. We pass the time with conversations about what our must do's will be, which pins we will trade, playing Disney trivia and watching Disney movies. Our love of Disney doesn't stop when our vacations end either. When we were building our house, my mother painted a Finding Nemo mural in the boys bedroom. Erin has Tinkerbell flying from her ceiling fan. I have Mickey head salt and peper shakers on the kitchen table. We even have a Disney Christmas tree in the sunroom to celebrate the holidays. Since our first trip in 2004, the magic has stayed in our hearts and home. We returned in 2009, again near Clay's birthday, to see the Flower and Garden Festival. We went in October of 2010 and celebrated my dad's birthday, my birthday and anniversary and Zachary's birthday. We were there during the 15th annual Food and Wine Festival at Epcot and even enjoyed Mickey's Not So Scarey Halloween Party, that was a blast! This year we are returning to experience the magic of the holidays. What could be better than Disney and Christmas all rolled into one? We will also be celebrating Erin's birthday on this visit. As for this blog, I hope that each person that visits may leave with a smile on their face, whether it be a Disney veteran being triggering a memory or by a Disney newbie getting giddy with excitement at the possibility of experiencing the magic for the first time. I will be sharing articles written by myself, my children, my friends and other Disney bloggers. They will share their memories, stories and planning tips. As the blog begins, it may start out a little slow, as I get the hang of it. My plans are to start out with 2-3 blogs per week. Wednesday will be Who's Who Wednesday, featuring Disney characters, outstanding cast members and their stories. Fridays will be called Foodie Friday and will contain everything that has anything to do with food at Disney. This will be, meal plans, restaurant reviews, snacks and planning tips. Since my only experience so far is at Walt Disney World in Florida, that is where the concentration of my blog will be. I do hope to have some guest bloggers that have experience with Disneyland California, Disney Tokyo, Disney Paris, Disney Cruise Line and the new Aulani resort in Hawaii. I will accept and consider all constructive criticism, tips and ideas for the blog. Please understand that I am new to this and I will be making sure everything is right as I get the ball rolling. I would ask you to share the blog and the Facebook page with you family and friends and any others that you know love the Mouse, too! A few of my Disney blogging friends are Authorized Disney Vacation planners and booking agents that offer their services for free. If you are interested in booking, please let me know and I will get you to the proper people. I will be plugging their services frequently on the blog. So please, visit often and share in the magic!

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