Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year from Addicted to Mickey

I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year and invite you to continue following Addicted to Mickey. In the coming year there will be new and exciting things. A few new writers will be added and guest writers will appear from time to time. If you ever have any questions or would like certain topics discussed in our blog, please use the comment section or my Facebook page and let me know. Again, hope you all have a safe and Happy New Year!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Foodie Friday: Line-up of Restaurant Reviews

As we ate last week at Walt Disney World Resort, I gave special attention to our dining experiences. Over the next several weeks I plan on doing reviews of the quick services, snacks and table service meals we enjoyed. With each visit we make to the magical palce I try to go to different meal establishments so I can share my opinions of each with others trying to decide where to plan their meals. This being my family's fourth trip together, we have tried several but nowhere ner all of the dining options that Walt Disney World has to offer. Our usual schedule is to try and do a quick service meal for breakfast, most of the time at the resort, snack around noon and then do a table service for supper. We changed that up a bit at the beginning of our trip but steered back to our old habits, as that is what seems to work best for us. I choose this pattern because I feel a table service breakfast, unless it is really early, takes away from park time. If you are visiting during a busy time of year, it is best to get to the parks at rope drop for main attractions and Fast Passes. Near the end of our trip we do try to choose on table service breakfast with characters. A list of the restaurants that I will be reviewing are: quick service and snacks- the ABC Commissary in Disney's Hollywood Studios, The Riverside Mill at Port Orleans Riverside Resort and Pinocchios at the Magic Kingdom. Table service establishemnts include Whispering Canyon Cafe at the Wilderness Lodge, Mama Melroses' Restorante Italiano at Disney's Hollywood Studios, Chef Mickey's Buffet Breakfast at the Contemporary Resort, Le Chefs de France in the France Pavilion, Akershus Princess dining in the Norway Pavilion,San Angel Inn in the Mexico Pavilion all at Epcot. Be sure to return weekly to see the reviews with photos included. Each family member will be including his/her opinion of their entree and dessert choices. If there is a restaurant you would like to see reviewed on Foodie Friday, please use the comment section to let me know. Just because it isn't listed here, doesn't mean I haven't visited it on previous trips. Thanks for following!!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Who's Who Wednesday: Minnie Mouse

      I think everyone knows Minnie Mouse, but few of us know much more about her than being a loyal friend to Mickey with her characteristic red and white polka dot dress, white gloves and too big shoes.  Well, that's what Who's Who Wednesday is all about.  Giving fans a more in depth look at the characters and folks that make up the Disney com
munity.         Minnie was created by Ub Iwerks along side Mickey.  Her given name is Minerva Mouse.  She first appeared in a comic strip in 1930 called "Mr. Slicker and the Egg Robbers".  Appearing with her in this strip were her parents, Marcus and Margie Mouse and grandparents, Marshall and Matilda. Minnie appeared on screen in Mickey's famous, "Steamboat Willie". This is where we first see Mickey vying for her companionship. Black Pete also appears here and is the villain that also wants Minnie's attention. Poor Minnie always seems to be a damsel in distress. Mickey always comes along to save her from such things as being abducted by Pete, nearly drowning at sea, being held hostage by an escaped gorilla and even being rescued by firefighters from a burning building under the direction of Chief Mickey in the short film "The Firefighters".       Like Mickey, Minnie also has a pet dog. His name is Rover. In several later short films, Minnie also has a black and white kitten named Figaro that we first saw in Pinocchio.        Minnie's popularity began to wane with the introduction of characters like Donald and Goofy.  She started a comeback in the 1980s and even appeared as the lead in several short films.  Minnie was initially voiced by Walt Disney himself but then Marcellite Garner took over from 1930-1938.  Minnie is now voiced by Russi Taylor, who just happens to be the widow of Wayne Allwine, who provided the voice of Mickey from 1977 until his death in 2009.        Minnie can be seen all over the Disney parks on merchandise, in parades and in various castle shows alone or with her trusty friends. Her memorabilia is sought after by little girls everywhere. And of course, behind every great man (Mickey), there stands a great woman (Minnie), that helped him get there!       Come back next week to see how Donald Duck almost took over Mickey's fame. 

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!!!

I would like to wish everyone a Magical Merry Christmas! As you know, I have just returned from Walt Disney World and the magic of Christmas that is celebrate there is unexplainable. Our family had a great time and I will be sharing things with you in the blog in the upcoming weeks. Until then, thanks for following and have a joyous time with your families and friends through the holidays.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Foodie Friday: Christmas at Walt Disney World Resort

The holidays are a special time for everyone. People celebrate them in different ways, but most families enjoy at least one special meal together. This year was our first time visiting Walt Disney World Resort for the holidays. Though we left before the actual holiday, and didn't get to eat our Christmas meal ith Mickey, I wanted to share with you the options available incase you decide visit during the holiday. As they do on Thanksgiving, the 50's Prime Time Cafe offers a special Christms meal. The atmosphere at this restaurant will also give you the feel of home. You are surrounded by "cousins" watching television and mom in the kitchen preparing the meal. The meal is reminicent of grandma's when you were growing up. 1900 Park Fare in the Grand Floridian offers a Christmas Feast wit a full character buffet. After reading reviews, it seems that many people ejoy Chritmas dining at Cinderella's Royal Table at the Magic Kingdom. The amosphere seems to take the cake at this establishment, as you look out the windows and see Main Street adorned in Christmas decor and lights. Liberty Tree Tavern, also in the Magic Kingdom, serves the traditional meal with turkey and dressing. Biergarten in the German pavilion at the Magic Kingodm offers more than just a meal by adding Christmas carols to its musical performance. Several of the deluxe restaurants also offer special Christmastime meals. Chef Mickey's has a huge Christmas feast and Trail's End at Fort Wildernss Resort adds turkey and dressing to their regular menu of chicken and ribs. Some of the restaurants offer special meals on Christmas Eve as well. Last week, I taold you about many of the sweet treats available during the holiday season as well. So, if you decide to spend your holiday at Walt Disney World Resort, you will not be without the comforts of a home cooked meal and dessert.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Who's Who Wednesday: Mickey Mouse

It all started with a mouse? As we learned lastweek when I told the story of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Walt Disney's animation days did not start with Mickey. It wasn't until Disney lost the rights to Oswald that he and his colleague, Urb Iwerks, started developing a new character. Iwerks presented several animal characters to Disney before he himself came up with the idea of a mouse, partly from his fond memories of a childhood pet. Disney chose the name Mortimer for the mouse, however his wife, Lillian, talked him into the name Mickey. Mickey appeared in several non-published cartoons. His 3rd cartoon but first released was Steamboat Willie on November 18, 1928. In
this cartoon, Mickey worked for Captain Pete. Minnie Mouse also made her first appearance in this cartoon. Several cartoons after Steamboat Willie contained sound, but Mickey didn't speak until the film The Karnival Kid. His first words were, "'Hot dogs, hot dogs.'" Until this time, Mickey only whistled and laughed. Mickey soon became a suiter to Minnie. She always seemed to favor Pete. In the film The Opry House, we see Mickey's white gloves for the first time and in 1931, we meet Mickey's pet dog, Pluto. The popularity of Mickey Mouse soared and so began the Mickey Mouse Club. In 1932 there were over 1,000,000 members. This was also the year that Mickey won is first Academy Award. Walt Disney recieved an Honorary Academy Award for creating Mickey. Mickey was only shown in black and white until 1935. The Band Concert was released using tichnicolor film making. It was rated the 3rd greatest cartoon of all time in 1994. My favorite Mickey film is Fantasia, where Mickey starts out as a sorcerers apprentice. It was realeased in 1940. Walt Disney was the original voice of Mickey Mouse and remained so until 1946. Jimmy MacDonald took over for a short period of time and then Disney voiced it again from 1955-1959. The late Wayne Allune voiced Mickey until he passed away in 2009. The voice is now done by Bret Iwan. Many movies, theatrical musicals, cartoons, television productions, comic strips, merchandise and even video games feature the image of the beloved Mickey Mouse. Fisher-Price has just released a new stuffede toy called Rock-Star Mickey for the holiday season. At the Disney Parks Mickey is the central attraction. He appears at meet and greets as a non-speaking character. Rides and shows are even feature him, such as; Mickey's Toon Town, Mickey's PhilharMagic and Fantasmic at Disneyland and Disney's Hollywood Studios where he stars as Sorcerer Mickey. In toons, Mickey is usually seen wearing red pants with large yellow buttons, his famous white gloves and shoes. He can be found in various outfits at each Disney park and different seasons. Mickey Moue is the most famous cartoon character in the world. Make plans to head out to a park and meet him for yourself.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Foodie Friday: Sweet Treats

OK, so you have a sweet tooth. It's okay, lets of people do. Reseach proves that people who eat occasional sweet treats tend to be healthier and more fit than those who don't. So, why notstay healthy and indulge. Well Walt Disney in Orlando, Florida is a great place to do it! There you can find sweet treats for different occasions. Since Christmas is right around the corner, I will start with the things offered during the holiday season. Sweets, sweets everywhere!! During the holidays, Disney's pastry chefs are in overdrive. They create everything from life-size edible carousel at Disney Beach Resor to a 5 foot tall ferris wheel made of chocolate, sugar and gingerbread at Disney's Boardwalk. You will also find a larger than life Santa Gingerbread house at the Liberty Inn in EPCOT. Inside, you can purchase Christmas cookies and beverages. Note that, though edible, they prefer you purchase items sold in shops instead of breaking apart the attractions to satisfy your sweet tooth. Another life-sized gingerbread house can be seen in the lobby of the Grand Floridian Resort. Here you can purchase Santa lollipops, gingerbread, peppermint bark and miniature gingerbread houses. At Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party you will find goodies such as cookies, hot cocoa and apple slices. Speaking of apples, oh golly, the best Disney sweet treat I have ever tasted is the caramel apple. Several confectionary places on property sell these little bits of heaven. The juicy apple is dipped in caramel and then in chocolate. Next, it can be rolled or dipped in just about anything you can imagine. There are Jack Skellington apples at Halloween, Belle's dress apples, Mickey and Minnie apples and even a snowman apple! You name it there is an apple. There are also differnt flavored apples. There are oreo apples, apple pie apples with cinnamon and a crust and apples dipped in Rice Krispies! The Magic Kingdom is full of sweet shops. At the Main Street Bakery you can get yogurt parfaits, grapes or a bag of caramel popcorn. The Main Street Confectionary sells chocolate covered strawberries, taffy, Mickey and Minnie cookies AND the caramel apples. The Sunshine Terrace has floats and ice cream, Sleepy Hollow serves funnel cakes and cappuccino floats. Over at Aloha Isle you can stop in for a famous Dole Whip or Dole Whip Float! YUMMM Of course, we can't forget Goofy's Candy Company in Downtown Disney. You can purchase candy by the pound!. There are pretzel rods, Mickey shaped Rice Krispie treats, that can be dipped, and giant Oreo cookies. There is also a sugar free section availableat this store. So what will you try on your next visit? Maybe sample a little of it all. That sure sounds good to me! Be sure to join me next wek, when I dive a little deeper into Christmas food and meals at Walt Disney World Resort.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Who's Who Wednesay- Oswald The Lucky Rabbit

Who is Oswald? Well, Oswald was developed by Walt Disney and his friend and colleague Urb Iwerks. They had just signed a contract with Universal Pictures to create a new character and cartoon. This was in 1927, around the same time that Felix the Cat came about. Oswald's first appearance was in the cartoon Poor Papa. The cartoon didn't go over very well with producer, Charles Mintz. He wanted a "younger" version of Oswald. Disney nd Iwerks worked it out and came up with Trolly Troubles. Mintz liked this one so much that he released it as a cartoon series and it began doing very well and ran on into the 1030's. It did so well, in fact, that Walt felt he deserved a raise. Mintz, on the other hand, felt differently. He told Walt that he as making cuts in the company and if he (Walt) didn't like it, he could leave and Mintz himself would take over Oswald. That is exactly what happened. While other employees of Disney stayed behind with Mintz, Walt and Iwerks left to start thei
r own venture. Oswald was now the property of Universal, so they had to come up with a new character. Sega company released a video game in Brazil that was called Woody Woodpecker's Frustrated Vacation, featuring Oswald. In 2006, the Disney company regained the rights to Oswald through a trade offer. A Disney Treasure set was later released that contained all of the old Oswald cartoons. Another Oswald video game release was made by Nintendo in 2010 called Epic Mickey. This game was released for Nintendo's Wii gaming system. It was a highly popular game during the holiday season and the special edition came with a paintbrush shaped Wii remote. This game tells the story of Oswald and other forgotten Disney characters, including Oswald's wife, Ortensia. Oswald is a mischievious character. He and his wife have 420 children! Oswald is called the lucky rabbit because he has removable feet that he can rub forgood luck. He is quite jealous of his step-brother Mickey's fame and fortune. This jealousy is resolved in the Epic Mickey game. Oswald does't have many park appearances, mainly due to the fact that the Disney Company just recently got back the rights to his image. However, if you look closely, he is starting to pop up more and more. In 2010, Tokyo Disneyland featured an Oswald Float in a parade. At the Magic Kingdom, there is a poster in Town Square, where guests can go to meet Mickey, that features Oswald. I am sure that there will soon be more memoribilia of Oswald available, as without him, the most famous character of all wouldn't be. Next week on Who's Who Wednesday...

Friday, December 9, 2011

Foodie Friday: Dining Plans

Everyone has to eat. On vacation, we tend to splurge and vacationing at Disney is one of the best places to do it! As I explained in last weeks article, Walt Disney World has anything you could ever want. How often can you plan your meals worry free? If you are like me, no one can ever decide on where they want to go, or what they want. Well at Disney, everyone can find what they want. Adding a dining plan to your package can actually save you up to 15%. A great time to visit is also when they are offering certain dining plans for free. There are different levels othe dining plan. I will break them down with decriptions. You can add any of these to your travel package, prices vary. The quick service dining plan offeres two (2) quick service meas and two (2) dnacks per person, per night of stay. A quick service meal includes one entree or combo meal such as a chicken finger basket with fries, a single serve drink and small dessert. This would also include a plate breakfast at your resort food court. A snack can be any small single item ranging from a fountain drink, coffee, popcorn or ice cream. No table service meals are included with this plan. Next up is the regular dining package. This one includes one table service meal, one quick service meal and one snack per person, per night of stay. Quick service and snack examples are listed above. A table service meal is larger than a quick service meal and includes one entree with dessert and a larger dessert or a full buffet. Most of the table service meals use 1 dining credit. There are however, specialty dining expereinces such as Cinderella Royal Table that require 2 credits. Character dining is considered a table service meal. This is the option that my family chooses and it always seems to be more than enough food. The deluxe dining plan includes three(3)full meals and two (2) snacks per person, per night of stay. You may choose from quick service or table service meals. Allowances for each are listed above. The premier package offers the same meal choices as the deluxe, but comes with extra perks. You can also add an appetizer to your meal. Finally we have the platinum package. This is the same meal plan as the premium but you will be staying at a Villa resort and recieving the star treatment with a personalized itenerary, a fireworks cruise, reserved Fantasmic! seating and spa treament. You can also ad theDisey Wine and Dine plan to any meal package that has table service offering. This plan should save you about 20% on wine. It offers one wine credit per night, per room, NOT PER PERSON. Some specialy wines require two (2) credits. Advanced Dining Reservations, known as ADRs to the Disney community, can be made up to 180 days in advance. Popular meals and restaurants, such as Chef Mickey's, fill up quickly and I recommend making the reservations as soon as you decide to book your vacation package. Next week on Foodie Friday, I will talk about all the sweet treats available at Walt Disney World. Who doesn't love a sweet treat?!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Who's Who Wednesday: Walter Elias Disney

I've been reading a biography of WaltDisney. It's a 633 page book and I am nowhere near finished. I did think that it was appropriate to start this segment off with him, for whith out him none of the others would be in existnace. This just happens to be the week of Walt's birthday also. He was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinois to Elias and Flora Disney. Walt had 4 brothers and sisters. The family moved around alot so Elias could try his hand at a new investment or job opportunity, trying to strike it rich. When he was young his family moved to Marceline, Missouri. There, Walt started drawing and was even paid for some of his artwork by neighbors and other folks in the town. He went to a high school where he could study art and photography. Walt claimed that is fatherwas a harsh man, his siblings agreed that he was stern, but not as harch as Walt made him out to be. When Walt was 16 he tried to join the military. He was denied due to te age restrictions at the time. He then filed paperwork to join the Red Cross. After his mother signed the paperwork, Walt changed the date of his birth on the form. He was accepted and was sent to France where he started driving ambulances and carrying higher officials from place to place. When Walt returned home from France, he began working harder to pursue a career in art. Walt worked and piddled around with a few companies making ads. He even started his own company, Laugh-O-Grams, which eventually folded. Soon after that he headed to California. He made a few comedy "films" called the Alice Comedies. These were considered his first successful works. Walt got married in to an employee named Lillian Bounds on July13, 1925. They had two daughters, Diane and Sharon, the latter of whom was adopted. Things then began to pick-up for Walt and his family. He and his brother Roy founded their own studio and Walt soon won his first Academy Award in 1932. On December 21, 1937, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, premiered in Los Angeles. This was the first ever full-length, animated musical feature film. Within the next five years the studio would relase Pinnochio, Fantasia, Dumbo and Bambi. The original Diney classics. Walt loved to live carefree and that is what amusement parks reminded him of. People have good times as families, children having fun and everything being carefree. With all of this in mind, he began designing his own theme park. Disneyland California opened in 1955. He also started producing on T.V. with shows such as The Mickey Mouse Club. M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E! Mickey was created after Disney lost the rights to Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. Walt provided the voice for Mickey Mouse until 1947. Mickey debuted first as Steamboat Willie. Walt passed away from complications of lung cancer, due to the many years of smoking unfiltered cigarettes, on December 15, 1966. While reading the book and writing this article I have tried to imagine a life without Walt Disney. Sure, we would have other animators and cartoons, but none could have the love for it and the drive to make others as happy as Walt did. My family has made so many wonderful and unforgetable memoies because of him. We watch movies, wear the t-shirts, visit Walt Disney World and sing the songs. This article barely scratches the surface of his life and his dreams. I hope to be true to what Walt was all about with my blogs and share my love of the magic with you. Thanks for stopping by and come back soon!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Blog it and they will come?

Well, I added a Facebook page and after only a few days, I have 21 likes!!! I expected to have most people that liked my page to also follow my blog. This however, is not the case. I shall continue to blog on and hope the followers will come along soon.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Foodie Friday: What's On Your Plate?

Well, to answer that question, pretty much whatever you want! There are over 135 restaurants on Disney property at the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. At least 70 of them hav advanced dining availablity. These numbers don't even include quick-service eateries or snack carts scattered throughout. Over 600 food items can be found at the many establishments! There are so many different ethnicities represented in the dining at Disney. You can get anything from Italian to German and just your plain old American. There is Mama Melrose's Ristorante Italiano in Disney's Hollywood Studios, O'Hanas at the Polynesian resort for a Hawaiian fare and the 50's Prime Time Cafe, also at DHS for you basic American home cooked meal of meatloaf and potatoes. EPCOT is a whole dining experience on it's own. There is Teppan Edo for a Hibatchi type Japanese meal in the Japan Pavilion, San Angel Inn where you dine under the stars in a Mexican marketplace in the Mexican Pavilion, German at the Biergarten, Norweigen at the Akershaus, Italian, French, gosh, the list goes on and on! If you happen to visit during the annual Food and Wine Festival, you can try samples from any of these countries from the many carts set up around the "world". There are also quick service eateries such as the famous Casey's on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom for a hot dog and Cosmic Rays over in Tomorrowland for chicken finger basket. Each resort also has it's own food court for a quick breakfast before you hit the parks or a late night snack. Several resorts also have table service dining available such as Boatwright's at Port Orleans Riverside, Chef Mickey's at the Contemporary Resort and BOMA at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. There are many, many snack carts scattered through out the parks. You can buy suchthings as Mickey ear ice cream, popcorn and even the Disney famous Dole Whip or Dole Whip float, found only in Adventureland at the Magic Kingdom. Restaurants and foods are not olny found at the parks and resorts. Visiting Downtown Disney by bus, car or boat will lead you to another world of options. There is everyting from candy, snacks and desserts to fine dining options. Visi Goofy's Candy Co. and fill a bag with goodies, priced by the pound. They also have a selection of sugar free treats. The Ghirardelli Soda Fountain serves ice cream sundaes, scoops in cones, coffees, hot cocoas and soft drinks. For dining options you can visit one of the renowned eateries such as Wolfgang Puck's, Portabellos for brick oven pizzas, T_Rex or your traditional McDonalds, with a Disney twist, of course. So, if you leave your magical vacation hungry, it is no ones fault but your own. Stay tuned to Foodie Fridays for reviews of these restaurants and many more and also dining tips, food plans and ideas to fit your dining needs on your next trip.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Intro to the World of Disney Blogging

So here it is, my intro post into the Disney blogging world. I am Shannan, a 35 year old married (to Paul), mom of 3. Clay is 12, Zachary is 11 and Erin (Chickie, as many people call her) is almost 9. I will explain here how our family love of Disney came to be and what I hope this blog can share. I would like to thank my blogging mentor Kelly Ortiz from Disney Guru for giving me the courage to get started and helping me every step of the way. I watched Disney movies as a child and even went to Walt Disney World once as a kid. I don't remember much about it other than the people, It;s A Small World attraction and the fact that my little brother showed me up by riding Space Mountain. My true love for the Mouse didn't truly evolve until I had children of my own to share it with. When Clay was about to turn 3, I asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he, of course, told me he wanted to go to Disney World. I knew it was a lot of money that we didn't have at the time, so I made him a promise that we would go when he was 5. That little mn didn't let me forget it either. As a matter of fact, on his fourth birthday he said, "' Just one more year and I get to go to Disney World'". I started doing a little research and requested a brochure so we could get reservations. As his birthday neared, I made the reservations. My parents were going with us, so I had to make accommodations for 7, ages one and a half to 56! This was the most rewarding trip I have ever made. Zachary loved princesses and the look on his face the moment they walked out of the castle, was priceless. It was worth every penny that I had scrounged to make the 12+ hour drive. Yes, we choose to drive from middle Tennessee to the middle of Florida. And it's long, very long. We pass the time with conversations about what our must do's will be, which pins we will trade, playing Disney trivia and watching Disney movies. Our love of Disney doesn't stop when our vacations end either. When we were building our house, my mother painted a Finding Nemo mural in the boys bedroom. Erin has Tinkerbell flying from her ceiling fan. I have Mickey head salt and peper shakers on the kitchen table. We even have a Disney Christmas tree in the sunroom to celebrate the holidays. Since our first trip in 2004, the magic has stayed in our hearts and home. We returned in 2009, again near Clay's birthday, to see the Flower and Garden Festival. We went in October of 2010 and celebrated my dad's birthday, my birthday and anniversary and Zachary's birthday. We were there during the 15th annual Food and Wine Festival at Epcot and even enjoyed Mickey's Not So Scarey Halloween Party, that was a blast! This year we are returning to experience the magic of the holidays. What could be better than Disney and Christmas all rolled into one? We will also be celebrating Erin's birthday on this visit. As for this blog, I hope that each person that visits may leave with a smile on their face, whether it be a Disney veteran being triggering a memory or by a Disney newbie getting giddy with excitement at the possibility of experiencing the magic for the first time. I will be sharing articles written by myself, my children, my friends and other Disney bloggers. They will share their memories, stories and planning tips. As the blog begins, it may start out a little slow, as I get the hang of it. My plans are to start out with 2-3 blogs per week. Wednesday will be Who's Who Wednesday, featuring Disney characters, outstanding cast members and their stories. Fridays will be called Foodie Friday and will contain everything that has anything to do with food at Disney. This will be, meal plans, restaurant reviews, snacks and planning tips. Since my only experience so far is at Walt Disney World in Florida, that is where the concentration of my blog will be. I do hope to have some guest bloggers that have experience with Disneyland California, Disney Tokyo, Disney Paris, Disney Cruise Line and the new Aulani resort in Hawaii. I will accept and consider all constructive criticism, tips and ideas for the blog. Please understand that I am new to this and I will be making sure everything is right as I get the ball rolling. I would ask you to share the blog and the Facebook page with you family and friends and any others that you know love the Mouse, too! A few of my Disney blogging friends are Authorized Disney Vacation planners and booking agents that offer their services for free. If you are interested in booking, please let me know and I will get you to the proper people. I will be plugging their services frequently on the blog. So please, visit often and share in the magic!